Basic Interior Design Tips from Vancouver House Painters – Color Coordination for a Male’s Room

asic Interior Design Tips from Vancouver House Painters – Color Coordination for a Male’s Room

The basics of interior design states that when it comes to coloring bedrooms, personal taste takes precedence over interior design basics. However, take note that colors have different effects on men so if you are planning to get a paint job for your man’s room soon, you may want to consider the implications of the following colors:

• Blue: This color has soothing qualities that can relieve your husband of his exhaustion especially if he just got home from work. There are different kind of blue tones that you can go for such as classy ocean blue, topaz blue, sky blue, powder blue and many more. One way to play up this color is by using striped white colored curtains to cover the window. This will greatly complement the overall calming color of the room.

• Brown: This color is associated to the earth color in feng shui and similar to what feng shui experts say, the color brown has a refreshing and rejuvenating effect. In fact, the color brown is a gender neutral color that is often chosen by professionals when it comes to painting men’s rooms. Also, the best way to complement the color brown is to pair taupe with chocolate-brown which gives a perfect looking space.

• Black: This is perhaps the best pick when it comes to painting men’s room. If you want to add attitude to the room, splash some white or red colors in it along with some texture paint techniques. The fact is that black and white is perhaps the best color combination when it comes to painting a guy’s room. Having some zebra patterned curtains can also emphasize the masculinity of the room.

Color coordination may seem daunting at first but with a bit of research, you will be able to determine which color combination would suit your husband’s room. And in case you need professional assistance, there are house painters in Vancouver whom you can employ the services of. Vancouver house painters are a great option if you want to skip the learning curb of a DIY painting project.