Basic House Painting Tips and Ideas


Image Source:Twenty One Two Designs via Visit: www. for more photos of their stunning work!

Image Source: Twenty One Two Designs via Visit: for more photos of their stunning work!

Painting your house can be very tricky, time-consuming and a hassle especially without the proper know-how or knowledge. Vancouver painters can be trusted with this kind of job and you may learn from their expertise. With the proper tools and a few helpful tips, you could turn your house painting into an enjoyable and fulfilling do-it-yourself project.

1.    Mix your paint - Typically, a room requires a couple of cans of paint. But don’t make the mistake of opening one can at a time. While the label may say “teal” on all of the cans, it is best to mix all of them in one batch to ensure an even and consistent color throughout the room.

2.    Sand your painting surface - By running sandpaper through the surface, you get to smooth out any uneven surface or rough spots that would unattractively stick out after painting.

3.    Clean all surfaces - by cleaning the walls first, you make sure that the paint sticks well. Any dust or small particles could ruin the paint finish.

4.    Use tape - By using tape to mark the edges of your painting project, you effectively create a border to prevent run overs. Also, let the paint dry and then carefully peel of the tape to reveal a perfect edge.

5.    Trim, Ceiling, Walls - start painting the trims first, as these are the smallest, and work your way slowly to the bigger areas like the ceiling, and finish with the wall. By following this, you prevent colors from mixing with each other.

6.    Talk to an expert - while this may seem to defeat the idea of a do-it-yourself project, it helps to talk to the people who know.

A Painting Company in Vancouver is just one of the many options to choose from. By following and remembering these simple tips, not only could you save a lot, but painting can definitely be easier and an enjoyable