Best Choices for Garage Floor Finishing

When we talk about home renovation, especially when it comes to the painting process, we often leave out the part about the floor. We take the floor for granted, and for some reason forget about it until the last moment. This applies particularly well to the garage.

But the floor is another entire area to add style and color to. People often dismiss the garage floor and leave it in its concrete state and yet there are plenty of ways to improve upon it and make it work for you.

Here are a few ways to apply a better finish for your garage floor:

  • Garage Floor Coverings – while this could generally mean anything you could slap on the garage floor, you would understand of course that putting on expensive carpeting on the garage doesn’t make much sense. An ideal garage floor covering should be strong and tough; flexible and durable; and also easy to clean.

Some ideal types of materials for this may include:

  • Plastic – often comes in the form of tiles, and are easy to clean. They are also easy to assemble and disassemble. They can be the least durable though.
  • Rubber – these often come in the form of mats, and are very tough. But the key to rubber is its flexibility as it can withstand constant temperature changes and wear and tear.
  • Garage Floor Coatings – Garage floor coating are generally applied like you would with paint; by using rollers, or brushes. Unlike coverings, no assembly is required and only requires a brief drying period after applying it. 

Coatings come in two types:

  • Paint – paint is exactly what it is. By painting over your current concrete garage floor, you offer it some form of basic protection from the elements and from wear and tear. Spills and stains may not be fully removed, but the beauty of it is that paint is cheap, and you can always just apply a fresh coat.
  • Epoxy – But for those looking for a stronger and longer-lasting floor coating, you can always go for the epoxy coat. Unlike paint, which cannot completely cover any present deformities on the concrete, epoxy coatings create its own smooth layer. Its much better at handling stains too.

For Garage floor coatings, you can always go to your nearby contractor or paint shop and they’d be happy to help you out. Some like painting contractors Vancouver would be glad to offer you practical advise on how to better protect your garage floor.