Choosing A Color For Your Vancouver Condo’s Interior

Colors somehow psychologically affect those who are looking at them or those who are exposed to them. For example, bringing a person inside a hallway that is painted in bright crimson might feel anxious or restless since the color red suggests such an emotion. With these in mind, it is important that you carefully choose what color you would like to use to paint the interiors of your condo. So what are the things that you should consider when picking a color for your condo’s interior?

Feelings: What color gives you the best feeling or experience? Is it blue? Is it the hue of the color yellow? Once you already have an idea of what particular color you like then you may want to hire professionals like Vancouver painters to do the job for you in terms of painting the interior of your condo. 

Guests: Is the color you picked for your condo’s interior something that your guest would probably appreciate? It is true that you should not mind what others think in terms of your interests but if you are someone who enjoys having guests for dinner, you may want to pick a color that can positively enhance your guests’ mood because if they have a positive mood then their interaction with you will be favorable. 

60/30/10 Rule: Ensure that 60% of the color of the room comes from the walls, 30% from furniture, floor coverings and or window treatments while the remaining 10% is from artworks and other minor ornaments. This would make the atmosphere of your condo’s interior more pleasant because not following this rule will likely cause your condo to give an unbalance feeling in terms of color.

Before you employ the services of a painting company Vancouver, make sure that you already had considered the aforementioned factors.