Choosing Between Vinyl Siding or Fiber Cement – Tips From Vancouver Painters

Choosing Between Vinyl Siding or Fiber Cement - Tips From Vancouver Painters
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There are a number of things that should be considered when it comes to deciding between using vinyl siding or fiber cement on your home. For you to be able to determine which is better for your home, it would be best to review each one’s characteristics and decide from there:

Structure: Basically fiber-cement siding is made out of wood pulp and Portland cement that is formed into long boards or shingles. It is then attached to the house through the use of nails. On the other hand, vinyl siding is made out of PVC which is a rigid plastic material which is then affixed into the house’s exterior in such a way that it conveniently expands or contracts based on temperature.

Appearances: Fiber cement can be purchased in half-round, square shingles or as long boards depending on your needs. It can also be painted with any color and even exploit the possibility of purchasing pre-painted fiber cement siding in a variety of colors. This works best if you do not have the luxury of time to do paint jobs. On the other hand, vinyl siding comes in a variety of decorations and styles which works best if you are looking for a particular theme to incorporate in your home.

Energy Efficiency: Though both materials are not that effective as insulators, they are both useful when it comes to keeping your house protected from the elements. The good news is that these days, there is a kind of vinyl siding that has a higher insulation percentage which has a layer of foam in between the siding and your home.

Durability:  The good thing about both fiber cement and vinyl siding is that they are better as compared to simple wood when it comes to exterior covering options. The drawback though with fiber cement is that it tends to absorb water which can potentially cause the walls of your home and underneath it to rot as compared to vinyl siding which is immune to cracking and chipping.

These are some of the characteristics of both materials that you should take into account in case you are planning to employ the services of Vancouver painters. If you require Vancouver painters, consider calling Major Labour Painting Contractors for your next project.