Great Ideas for Painting the Front Door



If you are clueless as to what colors would give a warm and inviting impression to your guests to paint your front door then you may want to consider the following:

Bright Yellow: This is perhaps one of the best options that you could utilize if you are undecided as to what color to paint your front door. The color yellow has always been associated with the color of the earth which is associated with the feeling of warmth which can sooth a person’s mood and feelings.

Crimson Red/Navy Blue: This color combination is great because the navy blue color helps neutralize the crimson red color which can amplify a person’s emotional state. On the other hand, the navy blue color which normally keeps a person calm is balanced by the crimson red color. This two colors work well together especially if the material supporting the house is made out of masonry.

Indigo: This color works best if the house’s color is lighter than the front door which helps directing people’s attention to the front door due to the color indigo’s strong impression. This is also a good color choice especially if the house is filled with small details that may distract guests.

Lime Green: This color is best utilized when it comes to painting contemporary doors; doors that do not have much details on them which can be distracting to guests. However, painting your simple door lime green emits strong focus on it and at the same time, it is associated with the earth element which based on feng shui is a calm and soothing color.

Orange: if you want your guests as well as your family to feel rejuvenated whenever you approach your front door then your best bet is to go paint your door a bright orange which is associated with vibrant energy. Just make sure that your front door’s would-be color complements your house’s overall color.

These are some colors that you may want to utilize when it comes to painting your front door or when you are instructing any Vancouver painting company. If you still want more tips, you are also free to get in touch with interior painters in Vancouver.