Ideal Flooring Options for Your Garage


Garage is one of the most ignored parts of a house and the last prioritized when it comes to renovation or repair. If you are thinking to remodel your dull grey garage or build a new home garage, get some idea below on what type of garage floor finishing is best for you. Some of the garage flooring types includes floor mats, floor tiling, floor paints and epoxy coatings and a lot more.

Floor Tiles and Mats. Floor tiles and floor mats is one of the most popular and most preferred garage flooring. Aside from the convenience of cleaning this type of flooring, it adds a sense of class and offers various colors and designs of floor mat and floor tiles. Floor mats can be easily applied and removed if ever you want to change it from time to time.

Ecotile Interlocking Flooring. It is one of the latest most innovative garage flooring solutions. It is ideal for both commercial and residential garages. It is extremely hard and durable with available thickness of 5mm and 7mm. It is resistant to most solvents and chemicals therefore it is easy to clean and maintain. It protects your existing floor from damage and is very ideal for damaged, contaminated or uneven flooring. It is very easy and quick to install and very suitable use for heavy and light vehicles.

Paint and Epoxy Coatings. Floor paints and epoxy coating is the most affordable among all the flooring options mentioned. It is also the easiest solution for your garage problems because it can be done by you alone. If ever you don’t want to do it yourself, consider hiring house painters in Vancouver to free yourself from this burden.

To get more ideas, try to ask for quotes from painting companies in Vancouver. They can even guide and suggest you more innovative and smart designs for your garage problems.