Indoor Plants To Match Your Interior Painting

Some people appreciate the idea of having plants inside their homes. If you are one of them and you are wondering which plant would best suit your interior and complement it then you may want to consider the following:


Wandering Jew: This will perfectly complement your home if you have it painted with a lavender color or anything close to the color navy blue. Positioning it somewhere that it can see the sun is perhaps the best way to grow it not to mention, the best place where it can greatly blend in with the house’s interior painting because it is the kind of plant that becomes brighter the more it gets exposed to sunlight.


Phalaenopsis: These flowers are best positioned when on coffee or side tables then again with their sophisticated and elegant look they can be placed anywhere and will definitely complement the interior painting of the house. Going for these plants is a great option because they can live in humid conditions meaning that even if they are only getting indirect sunlight, they can survive.


Geranium: If you are looking for a breed of plant that has bright and vibrant colors that look good both in your garden and inside your house then you are better off getting a Geranium inside your house. Like the Wandering Jew, Geranium prefer being placed in areas of the house where they can get the most sunlight so they can grow better and show their radiant colors to complement the walls of a room.

Having some indoor plants can definitely make your indoor paint look better especially if you had the interior of your home painted by Vancouver painters. Knowing what indoor plants would fit in your house in addition to the expertise of interior painters in Vancouver,  will definitely make a big difference.