Interior Painter Tips – Effects of House Paint Colors


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House paint colors have an effect towards the residents of the house particularly the atmosphere and the mood of the people who reside in it. In addition to this, the effects of these colors depends on the following but not limited to; gender, age, race, family background and many other factors. If you are planning to paint the interior of your house or you prefer hiring interior painters in Vancouver to do the job for you, consider the effects of the following colors first.


Red: This color influences the room’s energy level and the brighter the tone of the color, the stronger the excitement it can incite on the people staying in the room. This works best especially at night when there the evening tends to dampen the lively atmosphere of the room. If you want your guests to be more interactive then paint your living room with this color. Using the same color in the dining area will also likely encourage a hearty meal for the family members. On the other hand, too much red in a room can inspire restlessness and anxiety so use in moderation.


Yellow: On the other hand, having your rooms painted in yellow translates to a happy and nourishing aura. It gives an energizing and uplifting feeling to those who are exposed to the color and works best in the kitchen, dining rooms wherein people prepare food since these are the places where family members absorbs the energy from the food they prepare and eat. Getting energy from another source in addition to the one provided by the food on the table is always good. Hallways that are painted in yellow also tend to give a welcoming and warm feeling. Just be careful in utilizing the color yellow inside family members’ rooms or in the living room area since too much yellow can potentially influence a family member to be emotional.


Blue: Contrary to what the red color emanates, the color blue gives a relaxing atmosphere and is often used to paint bedrooms and bathrooms, places where the person normally relaxes. Doing so further helps the family member or the individual enjoy his or her solitude which helps him or her recover from stress and anxiety. Just be mindful that using pastel blue to paint your living room can give an impression of a cold and chilly aura especially if the living room does not have sufficient light sources. The best shade of blue would be periwinkle, cerulean and turquoise as these shades offer a balance effect towards those who are exposed to it.


Before you start painting or renovating the interiors of your house or hire painting contractors in Vancouver, make sure that you already have an idea of what color you would be using and is familiar with the effects of each color to the members of the family as well as to your guests.