Painting the Fence of your Burnaby Home for a Quick and Easy Refresh

Painting the Fence of your Burnaby Home for a Quick and Easy Refresh

Refresh the look of your fence with the help of Burnaby painters

Paint is a very versatile, inexpensive solution to refreshing the look of your home, consult with Burnaby painters to see what paint can do for you!

Most fences have worn paint due to environmental wear and tear, or they are simply not painted. Having your fence painted by Burnaby painters with a new coat of color can give it new life. If the general theme of your front yard or exterior of your house is mostly green and brown then painting it with a bright yellow or turquoise is not bad. In case you prefer a more natural or rustic appeal then a wood stain would work.

Painted patterns are a great way to give it a fresh appearance. Patterns are unique will get people’s attention (if that is your objective)! You can give it a checkered appearance matching black and white paint to give it a chessboard like appearance or if you want to look sweet and tasty then painting it with a red and white color similar to a sugar cane is also an option. Try researching online for stencils that you can use in decorating your fence. Get in touch with Burnaby painters for their professional expertise.

If you have the “green thumb” and opt not to paint, you can incorporate vines to refresh the look of your fence. This may take a while but planting perennial or annual vines besides or in front of your fence and training them to climb up and over the fence is another way for you to decorate your fence. Though not all vines naturally crawl up, setting up either simple wood or wrought trellises in front of the fence can help vines climb up if you tie them up loosely on the trellises using dental floss. Mounting chicken wire directly on the fence is also another reliable method of training the vines to crawl vertically.

Redecorating your fence with a brighter color and or style will surely give a warm impression to your neighbors and guests.