Pressure Wash Your Vancouver Home


Home Renovation professionals, especially those who specialize in paint, will tell you, that cleaning your surfaces should always come first before you even touch that first can of paint. Making sure of this step ensures that the paint you apply would last longer, and you wouldn’t have to worry about bumps, fading, and rough areas on the paint finish afterwards.

That is why almost all of them recommend pressure washing first before painting.

Pressure washing is the use of high-powered sprays to blow out water and help clean a surface from dirt and built-up residue. But this is not limited to new homeowners or those looking to renovate, but also to homeowners who wish to clean their home exterior thoroughly and more efficiently.

Here are a few steps to follow on how to pressure wash your home:

  1. Ask for help: Should you be embarking on a renovation project, especially painting, most of the local renovation experts would recommend pressure washing as an extra service. Local home renovations stores in Vancouver, can help you out, as they carry the necessary equipment for it.
  2. Cover your fixtures: remember to cover all exterior fixtures, and furnishings before starting your pressure wash. You are dealing with water at extremely high pressures and these could damage your shrubs and flowers, lights, and other fixtures. You may use heavy plastic sheets or cloth.
  3. Keep proper distance: Test the water pressure by standing from a moderate distance; say 4-6 feet away, and spray the water. Find the right distance where the water jet is strong enough to remove dirt away, and yet far enough to prevent damage to the surface.
  4. Start from top to bottom: start with your ceiling and rain gutters, moving gradually to the wall all the way down to make sure the dirt goes down.
  5. Allow the house exterior to sufficiently dry, about 1 to 2 days, before applying paint.