Tips On Painting A Wood Deck Or Front Porch


A wood deck or front porch refers to the elevated platform located at the front of the house. This is the part of the house where you see swings or a bench placed on them along with the main entrance of the house. So how does one paint it properly?

Step 1: Color is important so it is something that you should decide on first and the best way for you to figure out which color would suit your front porch best is to lay out all the color options on the porch floor where natural lighting can shine on them. This will show you the natural appearance of those colors and help you pick the one that suits your front porch best.

Step 2: Before you even start painting, make sure that your deck is clean so what you have to do after you have decided on a color is to clean your front porch with a wood cleaner. You can purchase these tools in home depot or Lowe’s. You also have the option to utilize a hose to be able to clean your front porch with a nozzle set on full spray. This ensures that pollen or debris will be cleared away. You can also use knives or screwdrivers to remove debris or leaves that may be stuck in between the planks of the porch.

Step 3: Use blue painter’s paint to tape off the parts of the house that connects to the front porch so that you will not get any other portions of the house painted when you only want your front porch painted. At the same time, using tape ensures that the aftermath of your task appears clean. Use different brushes if you will be using two colors to paint your front porch. Make sure that you paint in such a way where you can easily paint yourself out of the area you are painting.

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