Clear Coating for Wooden Wall

Wood is as sturdy a material as there is, and it has always been since the dawn of time. Wood has been used as a building material for centuries, and has proved to be durable, and easily manageable. But wood can still fade and wear away. Exposing it to the elements can take away its strength and leaves it susceptible to pests such as termites.

That’s why coating the wood with certain materials has proven to be the most effective way to treat wood and make it last longer. In some instances, it can also help enhance the natural color and texture of the wood.

There are a few basic differences when choosing the right coating for your wooden walls. Here are a few:

  • Oil or Water based: Aside from their main component, there are a few differences between oil and water based clear coats for wood.
    Water-based coats dry quicker than Oil-based ones. Oil-based coats on the other hand give the wood an amber finish, while water-based coats dry crystal clear.
  • Indoor and Outdoor: There are clear coats that work best indoors and outdoors. The main difference is that clear coats meant for the outdoors contain more additives that help seal the wood better to protect it from the heat and rain.

Here are also a few tips:

  • Always wipe or brush with the grain: do not go against the grain, to ensure the varnish or clear coat works into the wood.
  • Don’t overdo it: meaning don’t apply thick coats. It will only make it harder for layers to dry, and you have to apply varnish and clear coats in multiple layers.

These clear coats are not just for your wooden walls, but can also work with any wooden furniture you may have. You can often ask Vancouver House Painters or Painting Companies in Vancouver, should you be more interested in learning more about clear coats and varnish.