Interior Painting Tips: How to Choose Quality Paint

interior house painting

Whatever you buy, you should always get the real worth of your money. With this, you should be able to get premium quality paint at a fair price. Paying for quality paint is a wise decision since it can save you time, effort and money. Cheap paints usually flake off and need to be repainted every year or within 2 years.

There are different grades of paints available from Vancouver painting companies. For the best coverage, interior painters in Vancouver should go for premium quality paint rather than professional grade or architectural grade. Of course it will still depend on the homeowner’s choice on how they would like their interiors to be painted and what grade they prefer or can afford.

What you must know about quality paint:

  • All paints are made up of pigments, binders, and thinners or solvents. Quality paint uses pigments such as titanium dioxide while others use talc, clay, silica or extenders like calcium carbonate.

  • Quality paint guarantees durability because of its binders providing adhesion between the surface and the paint.

  • Quality paint contains both best pigments and binders which result to a good cover up as soon as the paint dries.

  • Quality paint is usually more expensive than other grades because of its premium quality.

  • You can use the touch test to confirm quality paint. The texture of the quality paint must be smooth and silky as compared to lesser quality paint having hard and gritty touch.

Remember, the result of interior painting is not solely dependent on the quality of paint. It also depends on who will do the job. There are also initial preparations that need to be made to ensure that the surface is ready for painting. If you are seeking professional help, don’t hesitate to contact painting contractors in Vancouver.


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