Vancouver Painter Tips – How to Effectively Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to increase the value of your home because you are planning to sell it eventually or you want your kitchen to have a fresher look then you can consider refinishing your kitchen cabinets.  So how do you start refinishing them?

Plan: This includes knowing what tools you have available and what else you need to get the job done. In case you need to purchase something, make sure that you consider how much time it will consume for you to accomplish it as oppose to just using what you have available at home. You should have the following tools; scrapers, screw drivers, hammer, sanding blocks, rags, and sponges. Painter’s tape or masking tape is important to have and you should have an idea of what areas that you do not want painted. 

Preparation: Once you already have the tools that you need to refinish the kitchen cabinets then the next thing that you have to do is to clear the kitchen cabinets. You cannot expect to completely refinish them if there are objects blocking or interfering on what you are doing. The next thing is to remove the cabinet doors and shelves. Simply unscrew them and detached them from their support. If the screws have old paint on them, then use the tip of a knife or small screwdriver and clean it out of the channel. 

Prime and Paint: If you will be using paint then it is important that you prime them first. The best way to finish your cabinet is through the use of spray. It will give you a smooth and glossy appearance though makes sure that you mask parts that you do not want your aerosol to paint. Also use a high-quality brush like the ones used by Vancouver house painters. In addition, if you are considering varnishing kitchen cabinets then you may want to take advantage of a marine varnish because it is more water resistant. 

You also have the option of employing the services of a painting company in Vancouver in case you need professional assistance.