Vancouver Painter Tips – Painting Bricks

If you need to freshen up the color of your bricks due to it looking old and worn out or you just want to paint it with a different color then you may want to consider the following:

Floor: If you are going to be painting brick walls in your garden area, make sure that you cover the floor with cloth or anything that will keep the paint from spoiling the floor of your garden or the grass.

Walls: Make sure that you clean the walls utilizing a stiff wire brush and also ensure that you rid the portion between bricks of loose mortars and then you can tuck point which is a procedure that professionals do to replace loose mortars between bricks. Also make sure that you fill in any cracks with acrylic primer and also evening the top whenever necessary.

Dry: Let the bricks dry for 24 hours and make sure to let them dry first before you put any primer on it. Doing so will keep it from being damaged by water at a later time. And then apply 1 coat of primer of good quality along with a heavy lamb’s wool roller designed for brick application. Work on areas starting from the top going down to the bottom while ensuring that there are no dripping paint.

Latex: There are a number of finishes that you can choose from such as flat, satin and or high-gloss and by using the same roller that you utilized to apply the primer, you have to apply latex masonry paint and you may end up needing 2 coats for full coverage.

If you are planning to do some renovations soon you also have the option to hire professionals like home renovations companies in Vancouver or painting contractors in Vancouver. Try to learn from them and get tips so that the next time that you will be doing some necessary repainting then you will know what to do.