Vancouver Painting Company Tips On Refreshing The Look Of Your Basement

Vancouver Painting Company Tips On Refreshing The Look Of Your Basement

A lot of people tend to take their basements for granted and usually just turn it into a storage space. However, if you’re seeking extra living space, the basement would be a great place to renovate and transform into an extra room. Consider the following if your looking to give your basement a fresh look:

Lighting: The impact of the paint on any structure is partially dependent on the lighting it is exposed to and this works the same when it comes to painting your basement. If you are going to do a paint job in your basement, it is paramount that you evaluate the lighting in the basement. If the basement does not have any ample light source then refrain from using paint that is light because they will not have much impact. On the other hand, if you are willing to spend cash to renovate and brighten up your basement with good paint then prioritize good lighting.

Colors: Unless there is ample light in your basement, refrain from using light colors because they tend to lose impact. On the other hand, using brighter colors have more impact though they do not need to be too dark. Using a medium-toned turquoise for example is much better as compared to painting the basement with a dark-toned grey. On the other hand, if you really want to use light colors, make sure that the portions or areas of the basement where you want the light colors to be have sufficient lighting.

Complement: Pick a color that complements the overall color theme of the furniture or objects in your basement. If in case you are planning to sell your property sometime in the near future then try to limit yourself in one or two color schemes. If you are not leaving anytime soon then there is nothing wrong in being adventurous in terms of using various color combinations provided you take note of the color theme of the objects in the basement.

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