Vancouver Painting Tips For Exterior Wall Painting During Fall Season

Vancouver Painting Tips For Exterior Wall Painting During Fall Season
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Fall is perhaps one of the best seasons to accomplish outdoor projects such as painting the exteriors of your home. There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind though when it comes to painting the exterior wall of your home during cooler months such as:

Temperature: On summer days, exterior painting works best if your project is under a shade so that the heat of the sun will not ruin the paint. However, in cooler months, painting underneath the sun’s direct exposure provides better results. This helps increase the temperature to levels that are sufficient enough to dry the paint on a timely and proper manner. Keep in mind that paints should only be generally applied when air temperature is around 40-50 degrees.

Temperature Duration and Timing: In addition to the requirement that temperature should be around 40 degrees and above, this temperature should stay that way for two to three hours for the paint to dry properly. The best time to start working on your painting job is between 10am to 3pm though this is subject to change depending on how the weather changes. Refrain from painting in the morning because you do not want dew to build up on your exterior wall. You cannot afford to for dew to end up frozen while you are painting and you will not see this until spring wherein the moisture will move into the paint and then once the sun’s rays reach it, it will start to form blisters.

Humidity:  The paint’s curing duration is also affected by humidity with the ideal condition of 50% humidity especially if it goes up to 70%. This is when surfactant leaching or basically the conditioning wherein discoloration takes place on the surface of the paint takes place. On the other hand, minor discoloration can easily be washed away using a hose or just simply by normal weathering.

Painting the exterior of your home is an extensive process. It would be highly beneficial to hire the services of Vancouver exterior painters. Reputable Vancouver painting companies can yield great results, make sure they have great reviews and check out their portfolio to view their past work.

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