Ceiling Painting Ideas for Your Living Room

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People tend to focus on the color and design of their living room’s walls forgetting that there is another wall that should be taken into account. But the fact of the matter is that the “fifth wall” which is the ceiling, can greatly impact the atmosphere the living room gives since it is the only part of the room which offers a lot of space, with only ceiling ventilation or illumination occupying a small portion of it. Here are some tips on how to better paint the ceiling of your living room.


The problem with a living room having a high ceiling is that it can give an imbalance atmosphere especially if the bottom half of the room is filled with furniture, floor coverings and other accessories which can take the attention of people away from the ceiling. And in this kind of situations, it is important that you paint the ceiling with a strong impacting color to cancel out the imbalance. A pattern also works and also adding a focal point like a chandelier and or a convergence of colors also works.

Ceiling Emphasis

Utilizing neutral colors in your living room emphasizes a harmonious atmosphere thus encouraging a calm feeling toward those who stay in it. However, painting the ceiling with a new and brighter color can put the charm inside the living room. Doing so gives the living room an interesting character that even guests will not be able to help but take notice.

Earth Colors

These kinds of colors work best in giving your guest and or the family members a rejuvenating and calming feeling. At the same time, painting the ceiling with a warm yellow or brown or maroon shade keeps its sophisticated appeal. It also complements other tones used in designing and decorating the room especially if the living room has vintage elements in it.

These are some great ideas when it comes to painting your living room’s ceiling. You can get more ideas from interior painters in Vancouver or other suggestions from painting contractors in Vancouver.