Characteristics of Different Brushes and Rollers

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Using the right paint brush and roller can make a difference when it comes to painting your home.


There are two kinds of brushes and brushes that have good quality have the split or flagged ends and their tips are flexible which are necessary if you are looking into a quality finish. At the same time, brushes that are made to have the bristles at the center longer than the ones besides it greatly helps paint the product well. In addition, brushes that are as half as long as their length are good choices like brushes that are 2 inches wide and 3 inches long.

  • Natural: These paint brushes have natural bristles and should only be used when applying alkyd or oil-based paint because if you try to use natural bristle brush to apply latex paint then the bristles will absorb the water from the paint which can get the bristles limp and can be difficult to use later on.
  • Synthetic: On the other hand, synthetic brushes can be used to apply latex paint and can be used with alkyd products since they do not absorb water from the paint.


Rollers are often used as compared to brushes because they tend to apply paint better than standard brushes. However, they follow the same rules as with brushes when it comes to using latex paint. Synthetic rollers are better options for those. Some of the characteristics that you should be looking for in rollers are:

  • Being able to keep their shape even if they are squeezed tight because you will have to dry rollers every after painting session and in order for you to dry them, you have to squeeze them.
  • The rollers should also not have any apparent seams because these can affect the quality of the paint job and should have a few loose fibers.

These are some of the different brushes and rollers used in exterior painting as well as their characteristics. In case you need professional painting help, just call painting contractors in Vancouver.