Furniture Makeover: Tips on Painting Your Dresser from your local Vancouver Painting Contractors

Furniture Makeover: Tips on Painting Your Dresser from your local Vancouver Painting Contractors

If you are planning to repaint your dresser as part of your renovating scheme then it is important that you take the following into account:


Before you even start renovating or painting your dresser, you have to ensure that you have the following tools accessible to you; Wood Filler, Paintbrush and Roller, Putty Knife, Screwdriver, Craft Knife, Low-Grade Sandpaper, Spray-Paint Primer, White water-based latex interior paint, drill, drawer knobs, Vinyl Decal, Burnisher, and Painter’s Tape.

Plug in Holes

Remove the drawers from the dresser, unscrew the pulls and press fast-drying wood filler into the holes. This ensures that once you start painting, the paint will spread smoothly across the surface without leaking into these holes.

Sand, Prime and then Repaint

Sand the surface of the dresser as well as the frames gently using sandpaper and then go ahead and spray some primer on it. Make sure that you put painter’s tape first before you start spraying so as not to spray primer on locations that you would not want to have any primer on. Let them dry for two hours or so and then follow it up with two coats of white water-based latex interior paint in a semigloss finish. Try applying the first coat using a roller so that it can cover a wider area and then use a paintbrush when following through with the second coating.


After letting the paint dry for several days, what you can do next is to measure and drill new knobs on the dresser.

If a DIY painting project is overwhelming and you simply do not have the time, consider calling your local Vancouver painting contractors, you would be surprised at how affordable it would be! Experienced Vancouver Painting Contractors will ensure high quality results. A painting project should be carefully planned ahead so that you can accomplish the task at hand. It is always a rewarding experience to be able to give your furniture a fresh look.