Vancouver Painter Tips: How to Hire a Painter?

Hiring the right painting contractor requires careful consideration, so we compiled some recommendations you should take into consideration when hiring a painting contractor for your home renovation project.


Be Specific

Prior to calling painting contractors for estimates prepare a list of the work required. Specify which rooms/areas needs painting, what color and gloss level you prefer and when you would like the project completed. In order to get accurate estimates, you would need to share this list with the painting contractors. This is a great way to ensure that all painters are quoting for the same work and a great way to manage each other expectations.


Get Multiple Quotes

Talk to several contractors and receive written estimates. They should all roughly be the same price, if one quote is significantly lower than others make sure they are not cutting corners elsewhere and quality will not be compromised.



Is the contractor professional and courteous? You are inviting these contractors into your home; make sure you hire someone that would respectful of your belongings.


References & Portfolio

Don’t be afraid to ask for reference and review photos of their work.


Read the Fine Print

Ask for a written contract and review it carefully. Ask questions, some good questions to ask are:


  • Details on preparation and cleanup?
  • How they will protect your belongings?
  • How much time the project will take?
  • Inspection and customer satisfaction or warranty policies?

    Follow these recommendations and assess each quotation carefully and you should be well equipped to hire the correct painting company for the job.