Painting Your New Vancouver Condo’s Unpainted Concrete

A few things that you should consider when painting your Vancouver condo’s unpainted concrete.

A few factors to consider when painting unpainted concrete are; the time it took for the concrete or plaster to cure, their sizes, if they have any cracks of spaces which require filling, or if they have waterproofing issues. Take note of the following when getting ready to embark on painting the interior of your Vancouver condo:

• Concrete as well as thickly applied plasters may possibly take up to 28 days to fully cure.

• Curing and release agents should be removed from the concrete before you start painting them. On the other hand, if you are having trouble removing them, you may want to consult professionals like Vancouver painters on how to go about dealing with stubborn release agents.

• Plasters, masonry finishes and cement sheets often collect dust and contaminants that are blown by the wind on the surface. The best way to handle this is by thoroughly washing them and using a hose to accomplish the job.

• Concrete will occasionally show having cracks and bug holes hence it is best to fill them with plasters or an epoxy. Use a spatula or 35-50mm broad knife.

• Plasters and masonry may have small cracks which are often caused by the drying of plaster and can be challenging to put filler on due to its narrow feature hence it is important that you find a product that can get the job done.

• Make sure to apply fillers only when the surface is sealed and remember that using a primer prior painting helps in identifying cracks that needs filling.

• Some of the tools you need to accomplish the job would be an extension pole, PAL no.1 or PAL no.2 roller sleeve, a roller tray and handle, a 35-50 broad knife or spatula for filling, dropsheets, paint pot for decanting from a 10 liter pail.

Painting the interior of your Vancouver condo with unpainted concrete can be a challenge if you are not prepared, it is highly recommended to hired the services of Vancouver painting contractors to ensure higher quality workmanship.