Quick Color Makeovers For Your Outdoor Furniture – Vancouver Painting Contractor Tips

Quick Color Makeovers For Your Outdoor Furniture - Vancouver Painting Contractor Tips
Farmhouse Porch by Raleigh Photographers Adrianna Beech

If you are planning paint your outdoor furniture to give them a fresh look, make sure that you take the following into account:

Surface Preparation – Before you even start painting, make sure that the wood of your outdoor furniture is dry and free from mold or mildew. Also check the undersides of the furniture. In case the surface has mold and mildew, you can mix your own solution through the use of bleach and three parts of water. Ensure that you are doing this outdoors and to completely rinse the furniture and have it completely dry before you start painting.

Sanding – Sand every surface that you are planning to paint and if the old finish is still in a fairly decent condition then sand it enough to roughen the surface in preparation for the paint job. Use coarse-grade sandpaper then working on the grain though it would be more efficient if you are going to utilize an orbital hand sander. On the other hand, if the old finish is not at its best condition, then you may consider removing the old finish down to the actual wood.

Priming: Use a primer that is manufactured for outdoor use especially if you are going to use it on dark furniture that you plan to paint a lighter color on, or if the wood on the furniture is exposed. On the other hand, if the old paint or stain is still intact on the surface then there is no need to prime it.

Painting: If you have primed the surface even once, then one coat of paint or stain would already be sufficient. On the other hand, apply a secondary coat in case you skipped the primer method. Once you are finished, let the furniture dry in a clean, dust-free and well-ventilated place and do not leave it outside because wind and air may carry dust in them and you cannot afford it to ruin the surface of your paint.

In case you need professional assistance, feel free to call reputable Vancouver Painting Contractors.