Safety Tips for Using Boom Lifts for Exterior Painting


Painting the exterior of a house may seem to be a horrifying and difficult task especially when you are barely using ladders only. But with enough knowledge, beforehand preparation, and proper organization, this can be a manageable task for any homeowner. Go on and read the following safety tips to paint your house’s exterior using a boom lift.

Things to consider before renting a boom lift. Before asking for a quote from several renting companies, identify your terrain type if the boom lift machine is suitable and ideal to use in your lot type. If your ground is somewhat soft or sandy, boom lift is not a good choice. If your house is a two-story, you should also consider asking the range of its vertical reach. Same as through with the weight capacity of the machine, determine its weight capacity if more than one person will be in the basket. Know also the inclusion of the price quotation such as refueling charges, delivery and pickup fees and other cost associated with the rental. If you think you can’t use a boom lift in your location, it would be better if you ask the service of Vancouver house painters. This can save you more time, effort and money.

Make sure you have the complete materials in doing your project. Before the boom lift arrives, make sure you have all the painting tools and materials to start your project as soon as possible. It would be time consuming you if you still have to shop these items.

Familiarize yourself with the boom lift. Upon the delivery of the machine, check it out and know how to operate it. Ask for the operator’s manual or ask the delivering team to teach you the basic operating of the lift. Or if you have hired some painters in Vancouver to do your project, all you have to do is check the condition of the lift delivered.