Vancouver Painter Tips: Should I Hire a Painter or Do it Myself?

Many people who decide to paint their homes are faced with the decision on whether or not they need to hire a painting contractor or do the painting themselves. While using a professional painter will certainly take the stress out of the whole process and save you valuable time, doing the painting yourself can save you some money.


The first thing you would need to take into account is that the painting process is physically demanding. Prior to painting, comes labour intensive prep work that consists of scraping off the old paints, sanding and priming. If your project is small and consists of a just a few small rooms and you are accustomed to some physical labour and have the time to do so, then you may be able to tackle a DIY project. However, a larger project may require the expertise of an experienced crew so the project can be completed in an orderly, stress free and timely manner.


I would highly suggest hiring a painting contractor for an exterior project. Exterior painting requires a lot more prep work relative to interior painting. Exterior projects may also consist of hazardous tasks such as being high off the ground on a ladder and in very awkward and unsafe positions, it would be highly recommended to hire someone that are well versed in the safety protocols associated with working with ladders. Depending on your project you may need to rent a boom lift and it would be best to hire someone that has the experience and the license to operate this.


Find out what the real cost is in doing the project yourself. Some painters offer a high discounts off paints, so you can save money. They also already have their own tools, while the cost of paint is relatively inexpensive all the tools and equipment associated with the project may not be.


Your time is extremely valuable and a seasoned crew would be able to finish a project that would take you weeks in a matter of days.  Hiring a painting contractor would also eliminate the research and the learning curve involved on how to paint and use the tools and equipment.


Your home is most likely your biggest investment, before making the decision to paint your own home, please do your research and make sure you are confident that you would be able to produce a PROFESSIONAL looking paint job that you are happy with.