Vancouver House Painters Gives Inexpensive Tips to Touch Up Paint on Wall

Vancouver House Painters Suggests Inexpensive Ways to Touch Up Paint on Wall

Maintain the color and smooth finish of your walls without hiring Vancouver House Painters to repaint the whole wall

Minor dents and scratches on the wall can be unattractive, here are inexpensive tips to touch up the paint without the hiring Vancouver house painters

Use Left Over Paint

Do you have leftover paint from your last painting project? It is always a good idea to keep these especially if they were a special mix. However, you need to store these properly or the paint will change it consistency making it unusable. They need to be stored in a cool dry place.

Clean and Clear

Before you start repainting, it is important that you clean and clear every dirt and debris or residue build up on the walls. Doing so makes it easier for you to paint and will keep the paint flat and will not have any uneven surface. Use water and mild detergent and a sponge when cleaning your wall and make sure that you let it dry completely before you start painting. Filling in the small holes and cracks on the wall is also a must.


This is one of the most important steps before you start painting. Make sure that you prime the area of the interior or wall that you plan on painting and use a primer that is of good quality and let it completely dry.


Use the same paint that you used before to ensure that it will seamlessly blend with the previous paint. If you are using a paintbrush, paint in a “feathering” motion which is moving your brush in an outward manner and past the area that needs to be repainted. If you are using a roller, make sure you are using a smaller tool. Rollers are great when it comes to repaint jobs.

If time is of the essence, you can call Vancouver house painters that take on small projects to do the job.