Vancouver House Painters Provide Tips on Choosing Paint Colors For Your Bedroom

Vancouver House Painters Provide Tips on Choosing Paint Colors For Your Bedroom
Contemporary Bedroom by Sammamish General Contractors D.A.Martensen Construction

Choosing a paint color for your bedroom is often an overwhelming task for some people, however it does not have to be! Here are some tips when it comes to choosing a paint color for your bedroom.

Bedroom Size: Always take note that lighter shades give the impression that the room is wider, so this works for rooms that are small. On the other hand, bright and rich colors tend to give a cozy effect on those who stay in large bedrooms.

Ceiling Color: If you plan to do a paint job in your room, make sure that you also consider the paint that you will be using on the ceiling because the color you will be using to paint your ceiling will also have an effect on the overall atmosphere of the room. If for example your room has a low-ceiling then you may want to go for white or light yellow. On the other hand, if you have a higher ceiling, you can use darker tone of the colors that you used to paint the walls.

Warm/Cool: It is important that you know which colors give a warm impression and which ones bring a cool one. Keep in mind that colors that create a cozy feeling are often of a lighter color while colors that can be rejuvenating are those that are bright or a darker tone of their original colors. Colors that promote a sense of peace or orderliness are cool colors.

Brighter Red/Orange: If you want to inspire warmth or passion inside the bedroom then the best color for this is ether burgundy red or burnt orange. Keep in mind that brighter neon shades tend to be overbearing of space which encourages an energetic atmosphere. However, too much of these colors can cause anxiety and restlessness.

Painting projects require careful planning and organization, employing the services of experienced Vancouver house painters can save time and money! Make sure that you chose house painters in Vancouver that are licensed, bonded, insured and covered by WCB and check their reviews to make an informed decision.

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