Vancouver House Painting Tips – Picking an Interior Color 2014 Paint Colour Trends

Image Source: 2014 Paint Colour Trends



When it comes to painting the interior of your house, it is highly advisable that you do what is best for you and what your comfortable with, you don’t necessarily have to follow color wheels or other design theories. Color choices are highly subjective! When it comes to painting your Vancouver home, your paint choices need to reflect your personality and the ambiance you are trying to accomplish.


Consider the Other Elements of the Room

Take into account the colors of your furniture, drapes, flooring, etc. and try to pick a color scheme that will complement these elements.


Highlight the Interior’s Positive Attributes

I would suggest evaluating the room for its “flaws” and positive attributes. You need to choose a color scheme that will highlight your home’s most attractive features and downplay it’s negative attributes.


Use Color Architecturally

Draw attention to the room’s architectural features such as moldings, wainscot, mantels, using a lighter or darker color than the main walls, this will shift the eye’s focus to the little details.


These are just few tips to take into account prior to interior house painting. If you need an experience house painter please call Major Labour Painting Contractors @ 1 855 55 MAJOR. For tips on hiring a Vancouver Painting Contractor please check out this blog. Visit our house painting portfolio to view our past work!