Vancouver Painter Tips for Painting Metal Cabinets

Vancouver Painter tips on painting metal cabinets

If you want your metal cabinets to appear brand new, especially if you just moved to a new location and you want everything to have a fresh look, then you may want to consider the following tips in painting metal cabinets brought to you by your local Vancouver Painters.

Preparation: Remove everything inside the cabinet that can potentially hinder the painting job. You also have to clean the interior of the cabinet with a fairly wet piece of cloth and then let it dry for a few minutes. Use a sandpaper to ensure that your metal cabinet is paint ready.

Choosing Paint: Make sure that you purchase a primer that does not cause metals to corrode when you apply it on metals. Find a product that will complement the cabinet’s environment. You also need to read the manufacturer’s instructions for any important detail that you need to keep in mind. You also have the alternative of utilizing spray paint that is designed to paint metal.

Drawers: Remove the drawers from the cabinet and then put painter’s tape on areas that you do not want to get accidentally painted or portions of the drawer that you do not want to paint such as metallic handles. On the other hand, if you plan to paint everything including the handles then you need not use painter’s tape. Also make sure that there is something covering the floor so as not to get paint on it. A newspaper or a big cloth will work.

Shake and Apply: Make sure that you shake the spray paint or the primer before you open them and before you start to apply them. What you can also do is to get a long stick or slender object and try to stir the paint to ensure that the oil and the paint itself mix well. Apply one coat of primer and let it dry before applying the top coat of paint and then let the paint dry before returning the drawers.

You also have the option to employ the services of Vancouver painters. Reputable House painters in Vancouver would be happy to provide you with a free estimate, if you need extra help in giving your home a fresh look.