Vancouver Painter Tips – How to Clean Your Deck With A Power Washer

A deck is basically any flat surface capable of supporting weight, similar to a floor and is often constructed outdoors and are elevated from the ground and connected to structures. One way of cleaning a deck conveniently is through the use of a power washer. However, if you are not an expert when it comes to utilizing such a tool like Vancouver painters, then you are more likely to ruin your deck than clean it. Here are some techniques that you can take advantage of to be able to properly power wash your deck: 

  • 600 PSI: Set your pressure to 600 psi or pounds per square inch and see if it will work for you and keep on gradually increasing it to see how much psi you need to clean the deck without damaging it.
  • Sweep: When you are sweeping your deck using a power washer, there is a tendency for you to turn around along with your arm and the thing is that moving in such a manner will create an unfavorable distance of the washer’s tip from the deck. Sweep while keeping the distance in mind and you can do this by moving your arm laterally back and forth. Also, work from the house going out.
  • No Spots: Another method that you should apply is to spray in a lengthwise manner with the deck boards and try to do it in a way that it slightly overlaps with the others. The main idea here is to ensure that you are able to cover everything without making cleaning edges obvious.
  • Fan Tip: Use a fan tip with a 40 or 60 degree tip size since it is the standard tip size used in cleaning. Fan tips can do the job better and or a rotating tip.

These are some useful tips that even house painters in Vancouver advise their clients when it comes to power washing their decks before repainting them.