Vancouver Painter Tips – Painting Metal Railings

Vancouver Painter Tips on Painting Metal Railings


To properly paint a metal railing, you will want to keep a few tips in mind:

Preparation: You may want to wear a dust mask before you even start painting because there are some metal railings that are painted with lead-based paint and you do not want to inhale dangerous dust particles. Preparing the surface of the railing requires taking a wire brush and clearing the surface of rust. The main point is to have the metal railing surface feel the same all throughout and you can do this by using a grinder sander to smoothen the surface. Afterwards, use a medium grade sanding sponge or sandpaper to clear it off old paint. Once you are done, take a tack rag and wipe the railings. This should get any remaining dust on the railings.

Priming: It is highly recommended to use a rust inhibiting primer. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instruction on the primer. Before you open it, shake it for at least 30 seconds. You have the option of using a spray paint instead though make sure to use painters tape or blue tape to keep other areas from catching unnecessary paint. Spray in such a way that you are following the line of the railing while keeping the spray paint’s nozzle approximately 6 inches from the surface. You have the option of using a paint brush but it has a tendency of leaving unequal paint quality. Once you are done, leave the primer to dry.

Painting: As soon as the primer dries, wipe the railing again with the rag and get wet or dry fine grade sandpaper and then dip it in a bucket of water. Gently wipe the railing with it. While waiting for it to dry, shake the enamel for 30 seconds or so and apply the color the same way as you did with the primer then let it thoroughly dry.

Another convenient option is to employ the services of Vancouver painters. If time is of the essence and your are concerned about the end results, hiring Vancouver painters would be beneficial. Experienced Vancouver painting contractors, will have the ability to paint your railings efficiently and have the necessary skills to provide you with high quality results.