Varnishing Painted Wooden Floors – Tips from House Painters in Vancouver

Varnishing Painted Wooden Floors - Tips from House Painters in Vancouver
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If your house has a wooden floor, it would be a great idea to varnish it after painting. Keep the following in mind when painting your wooden floor:

Polyurethane: There are different kinds of polyurethane and choosing the right one for your wooden floor is dependent on your personal preference and your wood floor. Water-based polyurethane will leave a clear finish while using an oil-based polyurethane will give the floor an amber appearance. If it is your first time and you are not certain on what effect you are looking for, you can try testing it on one of the floor’s area where it will not be to obvious.

Clean and Direction: The first thing that you have to do before you varnish your wooden floor is to wipe and clean it using a damp rug. After this, plan on which direction you should start when varnishing while keeping in mind that you cannot afford to step on the areas that you already cleaned and varnished. The best way to approach this is by starting on one corner then working your way to the exit.

Starting: Get a clean and empty tray and pour some polyurethane on it and then dip the roller in it and start rolling it until the roller absorbs enough polyurethane for the job. When you are done, roll the thin layer of the polyurethane on the floor going against the grain of the wood and until it is smooth. After doing this, apply the polyurethane again along the grain of the wood. Make sure that the edge is kept wet and that you are working in smaller portions so you have ample space to move around.

These are some of the tips that you may want to take into account especially if you are planning to take on a varnishing project. If you opted not to go the “do it yourself” route and are in need of professional help, consider calling Vancouver house painters. Experienced and skilled house painters in Vancouver can guarantee high quality results.

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