What Kind of Pressure Washer Does Your Local Vancouver Painter Use?


A pressure washer is a reliable tool if a house painting project is on the horizon and you require to loosen debris in small dents or cracks or dirt to be completely washed away. There are a couple of different pressure washers that can be purchased in hardware stores that has their own individual characteristics.

Hot Water Pressure Washers – These kinds of power washers are usually used by Vancouver painters. House painters in Vancouver prefer to use this tool when their project involves stubborn stains. These are usually gasoline-powered and are more expensive as compared to their cold water counterparts however they work best when it comes to colder climates. It is also industry standard to see these power washers mounted on truck and trailers.

Electric Power Washers – These kind of power washers are often utilized for commercial purposes and are usually placed on a portable hand cart so that it can moved from one place to another conveniently. Though not as powerful as their gasoline-powered counterparts, electric power washers can be plugged into a 110-volt or 240-volt electrical outlet and this can be invaluable on occasion.

Gasoline Power Washers – These are perhaps the best alternative when you are looking for power. Because these tools have the capability to generate the highest water pressure as compared to most power washers; gasoline power washers are the most commonly utilized power washers. Similar to electric power washers, they can also be mounted on portable carts or into a pickup truck.

Chemical Mixture Pressure Washers – Utilizing these power washers makes cleaning convenient because each design has a chemical tank; the first can provide soap or solvents and then can be mixed with water while the other model has a solution tank that feeds the pump meaning that the soap or solvent is mixed with water and delivered through the pump under pressure. These makes cleaning surfaces more convenient though it is important to thoroughly flush the interior of the pump to keep it from experiencing pump failures due to solvents passing through it.

It is important that you are familiar with how each pressure or power washer functions so you know which one can do the job you need accomplished. Employ the help of reputable Vancouver painting contractors, if you want the job done properly and efficiently, the cost ma not be as expensive as you think!