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House Painting

Our Vancouver house painting team sets the industry standard for quality workmanship; through our meticulous prep work and precise application of high quality paints. We guarantee long lasting results with a beautiful finish. Our prices are competitive and our dedicated house painters have the necessary skills and expertise to complete your home renovation project efficiently. From a single room to a full residential overhaul our Vancouver house painters will be happy to assist you. We go through a comprehensive process to insure your home reaches its fullest potential and in turn increases its value. Our house painting process includes:

Protection of your Belongings
We will protect your floors, carpets and all nearby belongings. Furniture will be moved or covered with clean drop cloths. Rest assured your home will be treated with the utmost care.

Orderly Job Site
Our house painters work under the philosophy of keeping disruptions to a minimum. We understand that home renovation projects can throw a curve ball into your day to day lives and we do everything we can to minimize the inconvenience by daily clean ups and containing the mess so you have the ability to navigate around your home throughout the project’s duration.

Exhaustive Prep Work
Prior to painting our house painters perform full scale and through prep work. We start by inspecting the walls and making sure all walls are sanded and smooth and priming is performed before applying paint.


Smooth Paint Application
We pride ourselves in precise application, even coverage and smooth trim finishes. Our house painters have a wealth of expertise and their work speak for themselves.


Quality Control
Full inspection is performed upon completion and we don’t leave until you are completely happy with our work. Satisfaction is guaranteed and is our highest priority.


Job Site Clean Up
Our house painters make sure that all rooms are returned to its prior state. Tape, paint fumes and all debris and waste are removed and properly disposed. Floors and carpets are swept and vacuumed.

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